Our kids walk to the bus stop; we cross the street to get the mortgage payment in the bank or to grab some lunch from the market deli. We wait at the light to cross the street to finish our run. These are things we, and our loved ones, do every day. Drivers of cars and trucks often just don’t look out for pedestrians, or just don’t see them. Pedestrian accidents most often result in very serious injuries. Brain damage, back injuries and broken bones are the most common devastating results.

The following represents pedestrian accident statistics for the United States according to the National Highway Traffic Association and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

– Pedestrian fatalities account for 11 percent of motor vehicle fatalities.
– Close to 200,000 pedestrians have been killed in motor vehicle accidents between 1975 and 2013.
– the second largest category of motor vehicle accident deaths following occupant deaths is pedestrian fatalities.
– On average, a pedestrian is injured in a traffic accident every 8 minutes.
– On average, a pedestrian is killed in a traffic accident every 111 minutes.
– In the last year over 5000 pedestrians were killed in motor vehicle accidents.
– The per capita pedestrian death rate is 1.6 fatalities per 100,000 people.

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