Losing a family member is devastating and life changing. The stress and emotional suffering is over whelming. Your heart now misses a piece of itself. You may just want to pull the shades and certainly you want life go back to the way it was. Even having to think about the legal consequences of such a loss is over whelming and certainly not the first thing a family thinks about.

The legal term which refers to losing a family member or loved one because of the carelessness or negligent acts of another person or of a business is called “wrongful death.” A wrongful death case most often results from a car, motorcycle, biking or pedestrian accident, from use of a defective product, or from an accident in the workplace. The compensation, or damages, that may be available in a wrongful death case can provides monies for the medical bills that almost always pile up, the suffering your loved one endured between the accident and his or her passing, the lost wages or income that would have been earned in the future, burial expenses and also for the loss of the companionship now that your loved one is gone.

Wrongful death cases can be complicated and are always extremely draining for the family members and friends. As a small boutique firm, Tara Millan Law will provide you and your family with personal attention, compassion and resolve throughout the case. Call Tara Millan Law at 541 879 3333 and sit down with Tara for a free consultation and for good counsel.