Automobile and truck drivers often just don’t watch for motorcycles and bicycles. Driving your motorcycle or riding your bike on Oregon roads can put you in severe danger. Serious injuries, which can be life changing, often result from crashes involving motorcycles and bicycles. Drivers of cars and trucks who are speeding, who fail to obey the traffic laws, who may be on drugs or have been drinking, or just don’t look out for motorcycles and bicycles place everyone in danger.

There is no shortage of trails and country roads in the Rogue Valley perfect for bicycle rides. Unfortunately, many times these routes converge with busy city streets and intersections leaving bicyclist at risk for accidents. Between 700 to 800 bicycle accidents result in fatality in the United States each year.

Common Types of Bicycle Accidents include:

Drivers emerging into the path of cyclists

Motorists turning across the path of cyclists

Vehicles running into the back of cyclists

Drivers or passengers opening doors in the path of moving cyclists

Sudden lane changes by drivers without seeing cyclists

Drivers blocking cycle lanes causing cyclists to swerve into the path of other vehicles

Drivers failing to give way to cyclists

The types and severity of injuries incurred from these accidents depends on factors such as:

The type of impact

Whether a helmet was worn

The speed of the parties involve

Whether a motor vehicle was involved

The condition of the road

Many motorcycle accidents result in serious injuries. Since motorcyclists have little to no protection around them, collisions with cars, trucks, and other vehicles often leave the motorcyclist incapacitated sometimes permanently. Injuries are often severe and can include brain and spinal cord injuries as well as amputation and wrongful death.

The most common causes of motorcycle accidents are:

Automobile drivers violating motorcyclists right-of-way by turning into his or her lane. This can often be attributed to the automobile driver being distracted by their cell phone.

Automobile drivers failing to yield to motorcyclist at highway exit and entrance ramps. In Oregon, the vehicle code gives motorcycles the same footing as automobiles. However, automobiles are much bigger, and motorcycle drivers can easily be lost in a blind spot.

Poor road conditions; potholes, uneven payment. One of the main benefits of having a motorcycle is riding on roads less traveled. Unfortunately, these road can also be less maintained and hold hidden danger for motorcycle drivers.

Poor weather conditions; poor night visibility. Rain and severe weather cause accidents every day. However, a severe weather accident for a motorcycle driver could be much more devastating to a motorcycle driver.

Defective helmets and/or motorcycle equipment. On a motorcycle, there isn’t anything between the driver and the world around him or her. It is imperative that the safety equipment required be in perfect working condition.

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