Tara Millan Law

If you, a friend, or a family member have been hurt or wronged, you may be seeking a lawyer. You are likely faced with overwhelming, complex issues and are in need of guidance. You may be dealing with an aggressive insurance adjuster. Whatever the situation, the Law Firm of Tara Millan will provide you with first-rate legal service and will guide you through the difficult process and help you to make the correct legal decisions.

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Some common questions people ask:

How can I hire an attorney if I can’t afford it?

Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis. This means that the attorney is not paid an hourly rate, but rather earns a percentage of the final settlement amount.

Why do I need to hire an attorney?

Besides the emotional drain of a personal injury case, there is the fact that you are fighting an insurance company who will “settle” your case for the least amount of money possible. Having an attorney in your corner levels the playing field so the insurance company can’t bully you into settling for anything less that you deserve.

I’ve been injured in a vehicle accident, who will pay my medical bills?

If you have an Oregon automobile insurance policy, you are covered under Personal Injury Protection, or PIP, benefits. These benefits can cover medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses incurred due to your accident.

Most of the work handled at the Law Firm of Tara Millan involves claims against people and businesses who have insurance. Whether you, a friend, or a family member have been hurt in an automobile or bike accident, on someone’s property, at school, in a nursing or retirement home, or on the job, the Firm will take over the handling of the claim and see it through to resolution. We will communicate with you every step of the way and handle the stressful, complex issues.

The firm also handles family law and uses the same care to guide you through that often difficult process. Whether you are going through a divorce, need a support modification, or just want to see what options are available to you, we are here for you.

We are dedicated to helping folks who have been injured, focused on righting wrongs, and committed to making sure insurance companies follow the rules and do what is right.

Every client is treated with personal attention and receives excellent communication from the Firm. What’s more, their claim receives Tara’s tireless work ethic.