Dog attacks are horrifying. The effects from being attacked and bitten by a dog can be very severe. Nerve damage, muscle damage, extreme scarring and the emotional and psychological after effects of a dog attack are often lifelong.

If the owner or keeper of the dog knows that the dog was dangerous, or had chased or bitten before, a person who has been attacked by a dog may be entitled to compensation. Oregon has statutes, or laws, which address dangerous dogs and other rules and laws will apply within the county where the attack occurred.

Some surprising dog bite statistics include:

Almost half of all dog bite injuries that came into US emergency rooms were treated as “urgent”.

Dog bites are the second highest reason for children to be taken to the emergency room.

67% of dog bite victims were attacked on their own property and had a prior relationship with the dog.

One in every 60,000 dog bites will end in fatality.

Some important things to remember regarding dog attacks:

Get medical treatment right away. Puncture wounds and tear wounds usually hit nerves. Generally, medical care is needed immediately.
Take photos of your injuries if you are able. Have a friend other person use your phone if need be. Doctor’s offices and hospitals do not take photos.

Call animal control and report the attack.

Get a picture of the dog. If animal control picks up the dog after the attack the dog may be put down. Ask animal control to take a photo of the dog if you are not able to get one.

Talk to neighbors that live near the dog, chances are they have seen the dog exhibit aggressive behavior.

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