Getting in the car or truck to get things done, to get to work, or to take the kids to school, is a normal part of our lives.  Every day in the Rogue Valley people’s lives are changed due to car accidents.  We read about them in the newspaper, hear about them on the nightly news, and have friends and neighbors who have been involved in crashes.  Everything can change if it happens to you. Being in a car crash is a frightening experience that may change your life within seconds.  Debilitating physical injuries and emotional trauma can result.  Injuries from a car accident can prevent you from returning to work or cut your hours due to the pain you feel.  The effects are long reaching and long lasting.

No one chooses to be involved in an auto accident. However, it is important to know which steps to take should tragedy strike.

We suggest you keep this checklist in the glove box of all vehicles that you operate, and share it with family and friends.

How Should I Respond If I’ve Been In An Accident?

Immediately Following The Accident you should”

1.Notify the police

Inform the officer(s) that you need medical assistance
Record the officer(s) name(s) and badge number(s)

2.Collect information (drivers, passengers, and witnesses)

Full names
Phone numbers
License plate numbers
Make and model of cars
Insurance status of drivers
Registered owner of vehicle(s)

3.Describe accident

How it happened
Which direction the vehicles were driving
Time of day
Weather conditions
Damage sustained by vehicles
Towing company (if applicable)

4.Photograph accident scene if you or your passenger are able. Take photos of vehicles, signage, weather, road conditions, etc.

5.Get medical attention to assess any injuries incurred due to the accident.

6.Contact your insurance company as soon as you are able.

If you feel your insurance company is not being as responsive as you would like, or, the other party’s insurance company is aggressively pursuing you please contact The Law Offices of Tara Millan for assistance. We offer a no-charge consultation and will provide you with the help and answers you need.

Take steps to protect your rights if you have been involved in a car accident.  The rights are best protected by an attorney who understands how the insurance company works. Tara Millan Law will guide you through this process.

Call Tara Millan Law at 541 879 3333 and make an appointment to sit down with Tara to talk about your case and to help you find peace of mind after the crash so you can move forward with your life.