An accident that results in a brain injury or concussion starts the clock ticking at the moment of the accident. A brain injury or concussion is most often, tragically, life changing. Extensive medical treatment, from doctors who understand TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and concussions is vital. Proper handling of the case from a lawyer with experience in TBI and concussion cases is equally as important to ensure that the injured person is fairly compensated. Compensation to ensure future medical treatment may be available, as well as compensation to pay past medical bills, lost wages, past and future, and to account for the often severe pain and suffering brain injury or concussion victims suffer is recoverable.

Typically, traumatic brain injuries and concussions are caused by an external force that disrupts the normal function of the brain. That is to say, generally, hits or impacts to the head are the normal causes of brain injuries or concussion. Car accidents, motorcycle or biking accidents, falls and hits in sporting events are the most common causes. Some people lose consciousness and others do not.

While certainly some people suffer very noticeable symptoms, the majority of the time the effects can be hidden. A person suffering from a brain injury may appear and act about the same, but in reality may be suffering a great deal. Symptoms and lasting effects can include:

Blurred vision
Memory loss and inability to focus
Loss of coordination
Erratic behavior, irritation and anger

Having a lawyer with experience in brain injury and concussion cases is important to maximize the value of your claim. Tara Millan Law has experience handling Oregon brain injury and concussion claims. Tara Millan Law can get you the types of compensation you may be entitled to. Compensation never heals any sort of injury, but it can help a person who has TBI or a concussion get their life back on track. If an accident has resulted in a brain injury or concussion, call Tara Millan Law today at 541 879 3333 for a free consultation.